SALES I – Introduction to Sales

This full-day will introduce the Nature of Sales, Relationship Selling, and The 7 Steps to the Sales Cycle with a focus on Prospecting, Pre-Qualifying and Understanding the Buyer’s Cycle to Negotiate successful contracts.

SALES II – Intermediate Sales

This full-day will introduce basic Marketing Plan concepts, Identify Key Market Segments and How to Sell to Them, and Designing Strategic Action Plans to achieve Company Goals and Financial Objectives.

SALES III – Advanced Sales

This half-day will help supervisors and managers become better coaches in the workplace. We will address methods for Managing the Team, Improving Interpersonal Skills, and Conflict Resolution.

Introduction to Marketing

This full-day will introduce key concepts in the Marketing Cycle:  the Principles of Consumer Behaviour; Communication Basics & Skills; the 7 P’s of Marketing; and the Business of Making Money.

Customer Service & The Cost of Quality

This half-day will explore varying degrees of Customer Service Delivery and what differentiates Mediocre Service from Service Excellence – the WOW Factor.  How do we measure the Cost of Quality?

Community & Culture:  Living Your Brand

This half-day will focus on the basic elements of an organization’s corporate culture; the Vision, the Mission & Core Values. We will then explore the correlation between Generations and how each impacts one’s ability to identify with the company’s brand.

Social Media: Separating Myth from Fact

This half-day will define basic concepts, identify the popular platforms, describe who uses it and why.

Online Marketing Strategies

This half-day will define basic concepts, identify successful approaches and how to measure the impact or effectiveness of each one.