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Personal Sales Coaching

Selling is not an easy task and sales is not an easy career. There are many programs out there promoting themselves as the best sales workshop you’ll ever have to take. However, The Miller Touch teaches long-term selling techniques designed to make the buyer remember you; it’s not just about them. The roles of seller and buyer should be on equal terms as in any business relationship. The Miller Touch will show you how to start that type of partnership through “conversational selling” that employs a consultative approach to get the buyer to want to buy from you and not you having to sell them.

Executive Development Coaching

You're no longer just selling your company's products and services, you're selling yourself everyday to your team now. Managing people is a difficult task that requires different skills and qualities. Oftentimes, a great sales person gets promoted to a supervisory position and fails. Why? Because they don't know how to coach or direct the people who were once their peers. The MIller Touch will help you develop those skills needed to manage people, motivate teams and mentor individuals. These include advanced interpersonal communications and conflict resolution.

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