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The Miller Touch Training Group offers the following services:


  • Full audit of the marketing plan including budgets and collateral content

  • Direct sales activities undertaken with a hands-on approach to achieve company objectives and increase company profile

  • E-commerce review of current strategies and recommendations that will augment your global presence including website design, SEO, social media and online marketing strategies

  • Special Projects: special event management; conference coordination, site selection, targeted marketing campaigns
  • Private speaking engagements for annual conferences designed to motivate and rejuvenate the team from front line members through senior management

  • Presentations for corporate meetings and academic institutions that are educational, engaging and entertaining
  • Dynamic workshops that are customized to address each team's individual challenges with a focus on communications, customer service, personal selling, and professional business practices and behaviours

  • Instructional facilitation of set curriculum or package programs where each lesson is designed to engage participants at their academic level

  • One-on-one coaching to provide focused attention on individual needs that build on current skills to enhance one's professional development and marketability

These are the services most requested by our clients and we will tailor each assignment to suit the client's specific needs. Please contact Lydia Miller to discuss your requirements that will enable us to design a program to meet your organization's goals and objectives.

In addition to the above, The Miller Touch Training Group proudly offers the following services: